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"What I like most about Craig's work is that he does not waste any time - not a second, on the job.  I've had him out to do handyman work, and his team out to do removal a few times.  I found that they all worked extremely efficiently and completed the job exactly how I wanted it.  I will continue to do business with Craig and his team.”

Jeremy Funk


“While a condo-girl myself, I have witnessed friend's yards and other areas come to beautiful life at the hands of Kathy and Craig. They both approach things with such joyous creativity and its evident in their work. There is a particular yard I love to visit (the friends who live there are fun too!) where, depending on the season, there is always something wonderful coming up! They get oohs and aahs from me every year. A Boulder Gardener has been in business for years for a good reason. They're good. That's the reason.”

Jill Watkins


“We have used A Boulder Gardener in our yard and gardens for 7 years.  They have updated existing beds and added several new beds to our yard.  Everything they have done has been just as we requested, done on time, and on budget.  Kathy and Craig are wonderful to work with.  We recommend them to everyone that comments on our beautiful yard.”

Kirsten Heinritz


“I have worked with Kathy and Craig since my wife and I purchased our home in 2004.  It was a new home, and needed all the exterior landscaping completed.  The issue we had was that we spent everything purchasing the home, and had very little left for landscaping.  I was referred to Craig and Kathy by our realtor, and I let Kathy know how much money we had left for landscaping.  To give her full credit, she and Craig got it done!  I have continued to work with them, and we have added small improvements, but by and large, what she did for us for very little money has worked quite well.  Kathy has always been responsive to any questions, and may well be adding another tree to our front yard.  That is our next project!”

Dave Luperburger


 “The folks at A Boulder Gardener exceeded our expectations in landscaping a large, unruly portion of our back yard. They worked with us to make sure they understood the vision we had for what it should look like, and then delivered on their promise to bring it to life. They finished on time and on budget, and at a great value considering all the work they did. They are really nice people to do business with too, which made the process that much more enjoyable.”

David Heitman


"It must be said that without the help and professionalism of Kathy and Craig, I would never have been able to accomplish the privacy and lush feeling that my garden now conveys.  I had open spaces and bare rock horrors in and around my newly purchased Westminster home. I had a water feature that was on the scale of Niagara Falls in a narrowly scaled and poorly designed space. I was in dire need of help and while visiting and shopping a Lowe's Garden Department, I asked a clerk if she knew of anyone who was a capable and a reliable gardener in the area...she turned around and lo... there was Kathy, her arms filled with pots of plants and flowers. That's how I first met my future "Boulder Gardener.”  I had very special needs. How was I to remove the huge boulder in the back yard? How was I going to create privacy from the neighbors? How was I to turn a bare bones nothing landscape into the French Country/English Garden lush fantasy garden that I knew I could create.  Flowers, plants and gardening are my passion, too.  I now have my herb garden space, in stead of a bare gravel dog run.  I now have a rock garden/succulent space, that adds shelter and sound proofing. I now have a front entry sunken patio surrounded by privacy and and much needed shade with glorious bulbs and flowers.  And, I now have a space of privacy in my back yard to entertain.  The previous owners of my house had a outdated Southwestern theme inside and out.  I now have a classic French Country/English Garden with European styling, while adding value and curb appeal to my home.  I love to bring the inside out and the outside into my home during the summer months.  The smell of thyme, mint, lavender, roses, rosemary, and evergreen are what wafts to ones senses as you approach my front door.  During the summer it never seems to fail that when I am outside in the front of my home, someone passing by, tells me how beautiful my garden is.  Thank you, Kathy and Craig for all your help and support and expertise, excelsior!”

Cynthia Zanne


“I started working with Craig and Kathy 4 years ago and have been involved with various projects during that time as both a co-worker and client.  Last summer, I had a large clean up project that was overwhelming.  It wasn't a fun job, but I was quite impressed that they tackled it right away and had it looking clean and spiffy in no time.  And they did it on short notice.  I've always found them to be honest, hard-working and professional.  They perform high quality work at a fair price and are always pleasant to work with.”

John Ortega


 “Kathy and Craig and their crew did a fabulous job getting our yard/gardens ready for a wedding. They put in moss rock, reworked our sprinkler system and redid our flower beds.  At the wedding, we received many compliments about our yard and how beautiful the gardens were.  Craig and Kathy did a great job of getting the work done on time and within budget.”

Anne Hurst


 “I have had nothing but positive experiences with A Boulder Gardener.  They are personable, knowledgeable, timely, courteous, considerate and extremely qualified and willing to assist with any gardening need or desire. I am glad to have been referred to them by a satisfied neighbor and have referred them to others in turn.”

Lorraine Tartasky


"You should see the daffodils growing in our yard this spring!  Craig and Kathy did some landscaping that really made our front yard fun and inviting."

Jennifer Pringle


Like Like Like! No, wait... LOVE LOVE LOVE the work you've done at our house! :-)

Pamela Ziegert