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Maintenance Services

Keeping your landscape in peak condition all year long not only enhances your home's beauty and makes life easier to enjoy, but helps to safeguard your property investment. A Boulder Gardener believes that year-long landscape excellence requires both regular care and a proactive maintenance plan. Our All Season Maintenance Program combines regular maintenance visits with the seasonal services your plantscape needs to stay healthy and look great. Contact A Boulder Gardener today to begin designing a maintenance program perfectly tailored to your landscape and your lifestyle.

Residential Maintenance Services - The Process

A Boulder Gardener have developed a proactive approach to keeping landscapes beautiful and healthy all year long, enabling us to provide the highest quality professional landscape maintenance available in the area. From the initial phone call, through development of a customized maintenance program, to quality assurance follow up visits, will work with you to create the perfect All Season Maintenance Program for your property and your lifestyle.

  1. Site Consultation
    The initial phone call to A Boulder Gardener begins the process of determining your landscape maintenance needs. Once your general maintenance needs are established, we'll schedule an appointment for a property walk through. During this visit to your site, we will discuss your landscape maintenance preferences and requirements, review any problem areas on your property, and record the specific property and plant data required to customize the perfect maintenance program for you.
  2. Proposal
    Once the walk-through has been executed, we will analyze your property data, plantscape, and personal landscape requirements to determine which combination of regular and seasonal services will both address your preferences and keep your property in peak condition all year long. Your maintenance proposal will outline and describe these services, including quantity and price for each type of maintenance visit, and will offer you a variety of convenient payment methods. Our staff will then set up an appointment to review your maintenance program proposal with you, or if preferred, will happily send you your proposal via US Mail or email. A Boulder Gardener office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. We are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding your proposal.
  3. Execution
    Once you've signed and returned a copy of your maintenance program contract to A Boulder Gardener, we will schedule your year-long services, working closely with you to meet any of your specific scheduling needs, both in advance and as they arise. Our maintenance crews are held to the highest standards of courtesy and professionalism, and are trained to execute their maintenance services with the least inconvenience to you, leaving your property pristine and clean, every visit. We will also personally inspect your property during routine quality assurance visits to ensure that your services have been executed to our high standards.
  4. Review
    We want to be sure that our services are executed to your satisfaction. If, at any time, you require a change in your maintenance program, or find any service problematic, a quick call to A Boulder Gardener will put us on the problem. We'll work with you to meet any challenge your property or schedule presents.

 The All Season Maintenance Program

Spring Clean Up
Designed to address winter wear and tear and rejuvenate your landscape for the growing season. During the Spring Clean Up, we'll clean, weed and mulch your planting beds, detail any perennials needing attention, and prune as seasonally recommended to freshen your landscape and prepare for greener days to come.

Detail Visits
General maintenance and upkeep visits help to keep your property well groomed throughout the growing season. Our regular detail visits, scheduled as needed between other services, allow us to prune, weed and care for your landscape as the need arises, keeping your gardens looking its best throughout the year.

Fall Clean Up
Our Fall Clean Up service puts your garden to bed for the year and prepares all features of your landscape for winter. Clean out all existing beds, prune all shrubs, and cutback your perennials as needed for the change of seasons. A light dusting of mulch on all planting beds completes the service.

Leaf Removal Services
Leaf Removal from planting beds.

Tree & Shrub Service

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning
    Pruning is a key part of maximizing your landscape's beauty and maintaining its ideal size, and is scheduled as horticulturally recommended for each tree and shrub species. Tree pruning is best done in winter, during your tree's dormant months. Flowering shrubs are best pruned after blooming periods.
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization
    We offer deep-root feeding for trees, and shrub fertilization services, both specifically designed to optimize the nutrient availability and health of your plantscape.